What is a CMM?

What is a Church Multiplication Movement (CMM)?

In a Church Multiplication Movement (CMM), God enables Spirit-transformed disciples to form biblical and indigenous churches, which multiply rapidly and reach out cross-culturally.

Also called Church Planting Movements (CPM) or Indigenous, Biblical Church Movements (IBCMs), CMMs are works of God that are occurring in many parts of the world.  Unfortunately, sometimes what seems to be a CMM turns out to be dependent on outside money after all, and the whole movement disintegrates once the funds are removed.  This is what happened in Cambodia a decade ago.

There are 11 Universal Elements of a Church Multiplication Movement:

1. Extraordinary prayer
2. Abundant gospel sowing
3. Intentional church planting
4. Scriptural authority
5. Lay leaders
6. Local leaders
7. House churches
8. Churches planting churches
9. Rapid reproduction
10. Healthy churches
11. Signs and wonders

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