Meet Renee

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Meet Renee

After 4 years of pursuing the dream of Church Multiplication Movements in Cambodia without any missionary teammates, it has been absolutely wonderful to have a lovely young woman join me for 4 months.  Renee Blok and I met at PanAsia conference in Phuket, Thailand last year.  She said God had called her to be a missionary from the age of 12 and the kind of missions work she wanted to do was exactly what I was doing.  That sounded promising.

Renee decided to come and join me for several months to see if God would confirm to her that she should join my team.  She arrived just a few days before Christmas and was thrown in the deep end with little time for thorough orientation in the lead up to the Baset Christmas outreach.  She spent her first Christmas away from family in the village, eating chicken curry and fish soup.  I did manage to get us to a Western style restaurant for a more traditional Christmas dinner on Christmas night.

Her role has been to learn Khmer, join me in almost daily intercessory prayer and follow me around on village trips to see what it is like to be involved in reproducible church planting.  Renee has taken to it like a fish to water.  She is doing great at learning Khmer the conversational way and is developing friendships in Phnom Penh, Baset and Setabo.  Her language learning is even opening up potential new opportunities to share the gospel in Baset.

I had been praying for God to provide me with a team for a long time, but now having had a taste of it, I’m praying all the more fervently.  Truely, two are better than one (Ecc 4:9-12).

Renee only has 4 weeks left with me before she returns to Australia and determines exactly how she is going to follow God’s calling on her life.  I’ll have to get used to solitary prayer meetings again for a time. 🙁

Please pray for Renee to trust the Lord and follow his leading even in the face of other pressures and voices.

Please pray for all the hurdles that Renee will have to jump before her dream of being a missionary is realized, such as getting a credential with ACC and raising support.

I know that whether Renee works with me or others, she will be a great blessing.  I am of course hoping that she will end up working with me long-term.

Here’s a link to Renee’s blog for you to follow her journey:

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