Sharing Jesus with Those Who Have NEVER Heard

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Last Sunday, I took the opportunity to share the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection with 2 old ladies in Baset. When I got to the part where Jesus was on the cross and asked His Father to forgive those who crucified him, Vat asked, “Is this a true story or made up?” The other lady has heard me share several stories before and assured her that this was true.  Later, when I got to the resurrection, Vat interrupted again and asked, “Is this Jesus a man or a woman?”  Wow! I’ve never been asked that question before, but given the Khmer language does not indicate gender in their pronouns for he/she, I could see why Vat needed that point clarified.  In amazement, I questioned her about what she’d heard about Jesus before. She had NEVER heard the name of Jesus to even have an idea that he was a man.

Older women are often the most religious and most isolated from the gospel

Older women are often the most religious and most isolated from the gospel

The church in Cambodia has grown to a little over 1% of the population claiming to be Christian and most people seem to have some concept of the Christian religion and the name of Jesus, even if they don’t know anything about him.  The Western trappings of churches in Cambodia attract some people, particularly the young, who see anything Western as synonymous with wealth and opportunities. However, it forms a barrier to the vast majority of Cambodians who value their cultural heritage, particularly the middle aged and elderly. I’m so thankful to God that he has helped us to find ways to share the gospel with those who have been cut off from hearing about what Jesus did for them.

Both women I was sharing with were blown away by the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection and wanted to know more. So I shared Buddha’s 4 Noble Truths and the clear gospel message of Jesus having taken all of their sin and bad karma for them. I asked Vat if she wanted to believe in Jesus and repent to be made clean from her sin. She said yes!  We were interrupted at that point and she had to go.

Please pray for Vat that she would experience being born again by the Spirit of God and that I’d be able to meet up with her again and begin to disciple her.

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