Rapid Truth

Rapid Truth is an evangelism tool using Chronological Bible Storying that specifically targets the Cambodian worldview.  It is an oral tool that has not been put in writing but will be recorded for distribution in 2012.

Even with very limited use to date, it has resulted in 3 churches being planted in Cambodia.

Rapid Truth was developed together with a group of Cambodians that Sarah trained in storytelling.  They identified the key principles that Cambodians need to grasp to experience spiritual new birth in Jesus, rather than just adding Jesus onto their existing beliefs.  We mapped Bible stories to those principles and later added a Cambodian style fictional story to each principle.  The Cambodian style stories act as a cultural bridge to the Bible stories and help to focus attention on the key principle.

Each Rapid Truth session consists of:

  • A recap of the previous stories and principles
  • A fictional, Cambodian style story
  • A Bible story
  • A retelling of the Bible story by the participants
  • A discussion of the Bible story focusing on the key principle and application
  • The reading of a simple Bible verse related to the key principle
  • Memorization of the key principle

Click here for a summary table of the 13 Rapid Truth stories and principles.

Click here for the booklet “Making Disciples of Oral Learners” that explains why storytelling the Bible is key to multiplication of disciples and churches in Cambodia and any oral society.