Disciples making disciples, leaders training leaders, churches planting churches:

“Is this method reproducible to the 4th generation and beyond without outside funds?” has been the tough question at the core of all the strategies Sarah has developed.  Many seemingly successful approaches have to be abandoned due to this question but what remains are the building blocks of an exponential movement where disciples are making disciples, leaders are training leaders and churches are planting churches.  The groundwork takes years and initial results are small but only in this way can we set loose a movement that has the capacity to heal and transform a nation from the inside out.

Storysmith Workshop

Orality – the low literacy conundrum

Cambodia is over 70% functionally illiterate.  How can disciples rapidly make disciples, leaders train leaders and churches plant churches in a rapidly reproducible way if you cannot use the usual literacy-based teaching and training methods?  Cambodian style storytelling, particularly Chronological Bible Storying is the key.  Sarah has spent years developing, testing and honing an effective Cambodian evangelism tool that couples Chronological Bible Storying with cultural bridging stories, called Rapid Truth.  The stories will be recorded and distributed by early 2012.