Buddha’s teaching helps Cambodians understand the gospel

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The cycle of suffering and reincarnation

The cycle of suffering and reincarnation

Undoubtedly, the most effective way to teach anything is to begin with what people already understand.  Jesus did this constantly when he used everyday life situations and parables that his listeners were familiar with.

Last year, I met a missionary to Burma who shared the way they used Buddha’s 4 Noble Truths to point people to Jesus. I immediately recognized this as a gem that could work in Cambodia.  Over a couple of months, before returning on Home Assignment, I experimented with sharing these 4 Noble Truths and seeing how they could be used to help Cambodians come to Jesus. Before long, I refined it to a simple discussion that rapidly connected with Cambodians of different ages and situations and led to many people saying “I want to learn about Jesus”.

Now that I’m back from Home Assignment, I’m excited to find that a friend and colleague has started using the 4 Noble Truths as his chief method of evangelism, and is training new Christians to share the gospel with it as well.

On Sunday, a woman in Baset village asked me to visit her sister, who is ill, in another village. A neighbour lady joined us out of curiosity just when I began to share the 4 Noble Truths.  It was clear that the woman from Baset and her sister were under strong spiritual bondage that kept them from taking it in, but the neighbour had a heart prepared by God and she immediately responded to the gospel!  It is hard to describe what it was like seeing her fall in love with Jesus in the matter of minutes.  The neighbour, whose name is Im, then began explaining the gospel to the two sisters.

Today, the colleague who has begun using the 4 Noble Truths, excitedly sent me a text message to say that he just led a Chinese Cambodian man to Jesus in one conversation, again using this method.  Praise the Lord!

This method is not a magic wand, but since it helps Cambodians to understand the truth of the gospel, grounded in what they already understand, those whose hearts God has been preparing experience no barriers to accepting his wonderful gift of salvation.

Click Buddha’s 4 Noble Truths to see what Buddha’s 4 Noble Truths are and how we use it to share the gospel.

Please pray for a sweeping movement of disciples who make disciples as more people are trained in using this simple way of sharing the gospel with Cambodians.


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